April 29, 2017

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Spring Update

April 29, 2017

I wanted to give an update on what I’ve been up to. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been a whole lot of training! Things were going well in February (I even signed up for a race in March), but in early March I hurt my knee and have been working on getting healthy since. I am making progress, but these things take time.I’m lucky to be working with some great professionals to get things better.


                                           Waiting to go in for my massage at Peace Massage Therapy and Spa



Thankfully I’m still able to swim a little bit, and the last couple weeks I’ve added some quad strengthening exercises. Monday I was even able to do a light bike for 15 minutes, although the knee was definitely stiff.


       Getting my quads back into action at Gridiron Fitness Centre


Every person who is used to exercising regularly and has had to stop can tell you it’s not easy. I won’t lie, I’ve had my ups and downs mentally through this process, but, overall, I think I have done a pretty good job of handling the lack of exercise. The biggest thing has been keeping my overly active mind on other things. Since I hurt my knee, I finally managed to knock off my final masters project (yay, finally!), have spent some extra time coaching, and have taken the time to reflect on some different parts of my training. One thing I have been able to reassess has been my nutrition. Once I do get rolling again, I’m feeling much more prepared to do better on that front.


                                                      Thoroughly enjoying my new homemade protein bars.


Coaching has been great! The Dawson Creek Masters Swim club has been running for four months now and it has been fantastic to work with everyone and see them improve over time. I’ve also had the pleasure to help a couple people with their individual training plans. It has been incredible to see their growth over the last two months. Way to go Dean and Travis! Seeing everyone’s progress has been very inspiring.


                                                                                Scott at Dawson Creek Physiotherapy


I’ll be working hard with my rehab, so I can get back out there soon. Racing will have to be put on hold until I am able to start training properly, so for now I’ll just have to take selfies in my 2017 uni, and hope I’ll be able to use it before the year is out!



I’ll end by saying a big thank you to all the folks who are helping me back to recovery! I wouldn’t be able to do it without you!!


Peace Massage Therapy and Spa

Gridiron Fitness Centre

South Peace Chiropractic






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